I don't see my favorite painting on your site, can I still purchase it?
Of course!! Don't see an image or painting you love on the site, just contact me and I'll let you know if it's still available and... we can make prints of just about any image you'd like.

I've noticed some of the frames are marked "vintage";  tell me a little more about that.
I love older frames and try to use them for my work as much as possible.  The frames marked "vintage" are older and usually not re-touched. They are re-cut by a professional framer to fit my work.  I love the look!

Do you ever work digitally?
No.  I work traditionally in acrylic paint but have studied in oils and water color. 

Do you work on private commissions?
Yes, but it really depends on the project. Please email me to discuss;  I'm open to new and exciting projects.

What kind of paper do you use for the prints?
Aurora Art Natural 64lb. 100%Cotton Rag by Red River Papers and Epson inks

What is an artist proof? 
In the general art world, along with art of  the gaming industry, artists proofs are a small subset of the edition published, (usually only 50 cards). Publishers turn over the blank proofs for the artist use, and retain all the other prints of the edition.
Artists proofs are considered a status symbol in the world of art collecting. It's an inexpensive way of owning your favorite artists' work with out the high cost of the full size original painting.